Huge hospital bills, no insurance – Medical Bill Survival Guide
The Medical Bill Survival Guide complete book
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Second place in the Reader Views Literary Awards, "Health" and "How To" categories

It does not matter how bad your financial situation seems to be, The Medical Bill Survival Guide will provide you with the knowledge to help yourself or your loved one. Medical bill anxiety is caused by miscommunications and misunderstandings. This book teaches easy, effective strategies for working with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

Readers will learn and discover:
  • How process problems cause insurance claims to be rejected and denied
  • How to access public insurance programs for the uninsured and unemployed
  • How to access provider-based financial assistance and charity care
  • How to demonstrate financial hardship and
  • How to talk productively to billers and collectors.
The information in this book will benefit:
  • Insured patients who are experiencing difficulty paying the deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance.
  • Uninsured patients who are unemployed or cannot afford health insurance.
  • Patients and the families of patients who have survived a catastrophic medical episode like cancer, heart attack, or major surgery.
  • Patients with chronic diseases requiring continuous, costly medical care like heart disease, COPD, or diabetes.
Nicholas Newsad, MHSA is a senior analyst at a national healthcare management company. He holds a master's degree in hospital and health service administration from Xavier University. He lives in Westminster, Colorado.He has served as a senior healthcare analyst for six years and has also served as an interim surgery center administrator. He has been quoted and interviewed in the L.A. Times, NY Daily News, MSN Money, and Smart Money, as well as numerous other magazines, newspapers, and radio shows.

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Huge hospital bills, no insurance

0 Comments - Posted by Nick Newsad on April 2, 2013 at 9:48 pm

Prakash G. writes:

Hi there!
Upon graduation in Aug 2012, i had to buy insurance from outside to cover me during OPT, but when i learnt about my pregnancy and my insurance denied claims due to not meeting their eligibility criteria “has to be full time student”, i am basically without insurance with bills piled high. My husband currently on F1 visa did not add me as his dependent coz he will be graduating in may2013. We would both be out of insurance again. Since i got sick during my first trimester, i could not find job as well and lost my OPT privilege. My husband applied for F2 for me and i will be on this status until his graduation. There are none insurance which would cover me. My husband as a grad student gets 20k as stipend/yr which is barely enough to make ends meet. I was told that applying/accepting any kind of state/federal relief programs by international students will revoke our visa status and will lead to deportation. More than 3k in bills only from first trimester. How will i ever pay for enormous hospital delivery bills regardless of normal/c birth. Help/suggestions needed desperately.
Thanks a lot for listening.

Nicks writes:

If you’re both students and you are effectively uninsured, then your income is probably low enough to get a write-off for the delivery at most not-for-profit hospitals. The standard is a 100% write-off for families earning less than 200% of federal poverty level ($31,000 for family of 2 in 2013) ( For the pre-natal care, each state’s Medicaid/SCHIP plan usually covers pregnant mothers. The trick is finding a physician practice that accepts new Medicaid/SCHIP patients.

Let me know what city you’re in and I can help you identify a clinic and hospital that will help you with this.

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